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Conversion of Unreserved Coaches in Express Train

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

The Southern Railway has announced to initiate converting reserved coaches into unreserved coaches in Express trains for the emergency travel passengers at low cost! Coaches have been made in the Brindavan and Kovai Express trains. The text of the press release is given below for your information…

Conversion of Reserved Coaches in to Unreserved Coaches in Express Trains in addition to the existing Unreserved Coaches

More reserved coaches will be converted in to Unreserved Coaches in Brindavan Express and Kovai Express with effect from 09th May, 2022 as detailed below:

In Train No.12639/12640 Dr MGR Chennai Central – KSR Bengaluru – Dr MGR Chennai Central Brindavan Express Two Reserved Coaches will be converted to Two Unreserved coaches with effect from 09.05.2022. This is in addition to Three Unreserved coaches already converted

In Train No. 12675/12676 Dr MGR Chennai Central – Coimbatore – Dr MGR Chennai Central Kovai Express o­ne Reserved Coach will be converted to One unreserved coach with effect from 09.05.2022. This is in addition to Four Unreserved coaches already converted

Revised Coach Composition after the conversion in the above trains viz Brindavan Express and Kovai Express will be (15 Reserved Coaches) 2- AC Chair Cars, 13-Second Class Chair Cars and (5 Unreserved Coaches) 4- General Second class coaches and 1- Second Class cum Luggage/Brake Van (with accommodation for differently abled persons): Total – 20 Coaches.