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IRCTC Tour Package Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy, FAQ

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

IRCTC Tour Package Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy, FAQ & Contact Details

In modern times, it has become a common desire among families of all social classes in India to embark on tours or picnics at regular intervals. One of the most popular pilgrimage destinations for many Indians is the sacred temple of Lord Venkateswara, situated in Tirupati. This holy site attracts countless devotees who yearn to receive the blessings of the deity alongside their entire family.

IRCTC Tour Cancellation Policy

To cancel your ticket, kindly access your account and navigate to the Tour Confirmation Number associated with the ticket you wish to cancel. From there, proceed to cancel your ticket within your booked history on the website www.irctctourism.com. Please note that ticket cancellation cannot be done at PRS Counters. In case you decide to cancel your ticket, the cancellation rules are as follows:
Number of days prior to the commencement of the Trip* Deduction Amount
Up to 15 days (excluding departure date) Rs. 250 /- per passenger
Between 8-14 days (excluding departure date) 25 % of the package cost
Between 4-7 days (excluding departure date) 50 % of the package cost
Less than 4 days 100 % of the package cost

IRCTC Tour Terms & Conditions

1. Name Change and Transferability:
– If you wish to change the name on your booking, it will be treated as a new booking and is subject to availability.
– Please note that all confirmed bookings are non-transferable, and any changes will incur a cancellation charge.

2. Changes and Cancellation by IRCTC:
– As the journeys are planned well in advance, IRCTC reserve the right to make necessary changes to the program at any time.
– In certain operational circumstances, IRCTC may need to cancel or amend a departure. Most changes made by us will be minor, but there is a possibility of significant changes, such as a change in destination or departure date.
– In such cases, IRCTC will inform you as soon as possible and provide the following solutions:
a) Accepting the cancellation, with a refund of the payment made. Please note that no refund will be provided for any additional services booked by you or your travel agent, such as accommodation, flights, excursions, etc.

3. ‘Force Majeure’ Situations:
– In the event of a ‘force Majeure situation leading to the cancellation of a departure, IRCTC regret that there will be no refund of the payment made or reimbursement of any additional expenses incurred by you.

4. Payment and Confirmation:
– 100% payment is required at the time of booking.
– Upon completion of the booking and payment process, a confirmation tour voucher will be generated.

5. Bank Charges:
– Please note that all bank charges are to be borne by you.

6. Surcharges:
– The prices shown are based on known costs and airfare at the time of tour launching.
– However, in case of unforeseen increases in national or local taxation or other factors beyond our control, IRCTC reserves the right to impose a surcharge or revise the tour cost.

7. Liability and ‘Force Majeure’:
– The IRCTC cannot accept liability or provide compensation for any damage, loss, or other claims resulting from ‘force Majeure events.
– ‘Force Majeure refers to events that IRCTC, the service provider, or third-party suppliers could not foresee or avoid, including disruptions of air services, natural disasters, terrorist activities, etc.

8. Our Liability:
– IRCTC will not be responsible for any injury, illness, loss, damage, expense, or other claims resulting from the actions of the affected individuals, third parties not connected to our services, services not arranged by us, or ‘force Majeure events.
– IRCTC does not accept liability for any damages or losses that were unforeseeable at the time of booking or for any business losses.
– Excursions or other travel services not provided by us during the tour are the responsibility of the operator/supplier of those services.

9. Conditions of Travel:
– It is mandatory to strictly follow the tour program.
– No refunds will be provided if you fail to join the group at the start of the tour, join later, or leave before the tour ends.
– You must register with our representative at the designated time and place. Failure to do so will result in being considered a no-show, with no refund provided for any unused services.
– Any behavior causing distress, annoyance, or risk to others or property may result in immediate removal from the tour. The Company holds no liability for such actions.”

IRCTC Tour Package Contact Details

Get in touch with IRCTC Tour Package through their contact details. If you’re in Bengaluru, you can reach out to their Regional Office located at No. 82, SMR Arcade, Dr.Raj Kumar Road, Rajajinagar. Call them at 8595931290 or 8595931291, or send an email to tourismsbc[at]irctc[dot]com. For tourist information and assistance in Bengaluru, head to the Tourist Information & Facilitation Centre situated at the Concourse Hall of the Bengaluru City Railway Station. You can give them a call at 080 – 22960013 or 8595931292, or send an email to tifcsbc[at]irctc[dot]com. In Mysuru, the Tourist Information & Facilitation Centre is located near the main entrance, at the Booking Office Concurrence of the Mysore Railway Station. Their contact number is 0821 – 2426001 or 8595931294, and you can reach them via email at tifcmys[at]irctc[dot]com. Lastly, for assistance in Hubballi, visit the Tourist Information & Facilitation Centre at the Hubballi Railway Station. Simply contact them at 8595931293.

IRCTC Tour Package Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the IRCTC Tourism Portal?
The IRCTC Tourism Portal is an online platform where you can explore and book various tour packages and services provided by IRCTC.

2. What is the website address of the tourism portal?
You can find the tourism portal at www.irctctourism.com.

3. Who can access the tourism portal?
The tourism portal is open to anyone, whether you are an individual or a travel agent, looking to book tour packages.

4. What services does the tourism portal offer?
The tourism portal allows you to conveniently book IRCTC tour packages and services online.

5. Which packages and services can be booked on the tourism portal?
You can book all types of IRCTC tour packages, including Bharat Darshan, as well as services such as retiring rooms, hotels, lounges, and more.

6. How do I book tour packages online?
To book tour packages online, you need to register with a user ID and password. Alternatively, you can also make a booking using the guest login feature.

7. How can I view the itinerary of the tour packages?
After logging in to the portal, navigate to the home page and click on the desired package. From there, click on the “Details” tab to access the overview, itinerary, inclusions, terms and conditions, and contact information. To view the day-wise itinerary, simply click on the “Itinerary” tab.

8. Are there any restrictions on the number of passengers for tour package bookings?
The maximum number of passengers allowed for booking depends on the respective package class:
– Rail tour package: 6 passengers
– Bharat Darshan: 8 passengers
– Holiday package: 10 passengers
Group booking limits are subject to availability.

9. How can I book tour packages for children and what are the charges?
Children can be included in tour package bookings as long as they are accompanied by at least one adult. The availability of booking for children is subject to occupancy. The applicable charges can be found in the respective packages.

10. How long are tour packages available for online booking?
In general, tour packages can be booked online up to 5 days before the departure date. However, certain packages like Rail tour packages and Air packages may have specific time restrictions.

11. Can I book packages on behalf of my parents?
Yes, you can book tour packages on behalf of your parents.

12. Can I book packages or services online if I am residing in a foreign country?
Yes, you can book packages and services online regardless of your country of residence.

13. What are the available payment methods for booking tour packages?
You can make payments using the following methods:
– Debit/Credit Card
– Wallets (PayTm, Razorpay)
– Cash
– Cheque (subject to realization)
– Demand Draft (DD)
– EMI (Installment)

14. Can I make a partial payment for online bookings?
Yes, part payment is allowed for online bookings with a package cost exceeding Rs. 50,000 per transaction. This facility is available for both registered and guest users at www.irctctourism.com. IRCTC counters also accept part payments for walk-in customers. However, agents are not authorized to make online bookings with part payment. The minimum Advanced Reservation Period (ARP) for part payment is 35 days before the departure date. Part-payment is applicable to the total booking amount and is collected in two installments, including GST. For Domestic/International Air Packages, the first payment is 30% of the amount, and the final/balance payment is 70%. For all other packages, the first payment is 25% of the amount, and the final/balance payment is 75%. If the final payment is not made within 30 days prior to the departure date, the request will be considered as cancelled, and relevant cancellation charges will apply. Partial cancellation of passengers is not allowed for part payment transactions. The confirmation number for the tour will only be generated after receiving the total package cost by IRCTC. Only full cancellations are allowed with applicable cancellation charges. In case of any technical error in updating the final payment before the due date, please contact us at “portal@irctc.com”.

15. What payment options are available for foreigners or NRI’s booking packages?
Foreigners or NRI’s can make bookings using the “International Cards (powered by Razorpay)” option.

16. Will there be any service fees or charges imposed by IRCTC for booking tour packages?
The package cost displayed on the portal is inclusive of all charges. IRCTC does not charge any service fee.

17. Are there any additional fees or charges from our bankers when IRCTC book tour packages? Customers will be responsible for the following charges when booking packages:
– Net banking: An additional Rs 10 + GST for PG charges.
– Debit/Credit cards: PG charges of up to 0.9% (Debit Card) / 1.8% (Credit Card) + GST.
– Wallets: PG charges of 2.0% + GST.
– EMI (Powered by Razor pay): A service charge of 3.0%.
The applicable bank charges will be clearly displayed on the portal during the payment process.

18. What are the cancellation charges for packages booked on the tourism portal? The cancellation charges vary depending on the specific package. You can find the applicable cancellation charges in the respective product’s “terms and conditions.”

19. When will I receive refunds for tour packages I cancel online? IRCTC processes all refund cases within 2 working days. However, the actual refund timeline is subject to the refund process of your respective bank. For net banking/debit/credit card refunds, it may take up to 5 working days, resulting in a total of 7 working days.

20. What happens if cash is debited from my bank account, but the tour package or service is not booked? How long does it take to receive a refund for “not booked” packages? You can check the status in your “booked history” under “my account.” If a tour confirmation number is not generated, the package cost will be automatically refunded to the same account within 3-5 working days for net banking and 5-7 days for debit/credit cards.

21. Where can I find contact details when booking tour packages? The contact details can be found in the “View Details” option while booking the respective packages.

22. What is the contact number for clarification regarding the booking of tour packages or services? In addition to the contact numbers displayed for each package, you can also reach out to the toll-free number 1800110139 for any clarifications.

23. What is the email address for sending queries about the booking/cancellation of tour packages or services? You can send all your queries regarding the booking/cancellation of tour packages or services to tourism@irctc.com.

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