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Goa Tourism: Konkan Explorers FAQs

Last Updated on March 18, 2022

Check here the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Konkan Explorers.

1. Are you a houseboat or casino boat or party boat?

  • None of the above. Konkan Explorers aim is to provide an innovative approach, inspired by the yachting culture prevailing in the rest of the world. Our endeavour is to offer the best conditions for fully experiencing the pleasures of the nautical lifestyle through activities which are selected for connecting one with nature and self.

2. How safe are the adventure activities and do I need to be swimmer?

  • Konkan Explorers has been operating for ten years improving permanently its procedures and process but it is not to be forgotten that we operate in wild environment and that proper attitude and approach are required. All our activities can be performed by both swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Life jackets are mandatory for both before the water activities start.

3. Do we all need to participate in the program of water activities?

  • Whenever you book a trip, the task of Konkan Explorers management is to create a program of exploration (including itinerary, size of the crew, etc…) for your entire group. For the quality of the experience it is supposed that each member of the group is motivated and in capacity to participate in the exploratory program.

4. What do I need to bring?

  • Please note that as we are into water activities it is not as hot as it is on land. Appropriate clothing for the weather, dry change of clothes, sun protection, hat, bathing suit & towel, or anything else you think you would need for a day on the river can be carried.

5. Are alcoholic beverages and smoking permitted?

  • Konkan Explorers is an adventure company where we are in contact with natural forces, even if we are attending and guiding our passengers, we expect from them physical fitness and control. Knowing this a drink is possible in a responsible way. Anyhow, water activities can be restricted by the captain and team if one is deemed to be in danger for himself or others. Strictly NO SMOKING onboard.

6. Can I bring my pet on the trip?

  • For safety reasons we have a strict no pet policy.

7. How do I make a reservation?

  • Once you are sure about what KONKAN EXPLORERS is offering and it is what you are searching for (responsible adventure, close contact with nature and physical engagement) you are welcome to make your reservation. Call us or WhatsApp us to understand better and we will help you with the booking procedure. Booking is mandatory.

8. When are you open?

  • Unlike other shops, hotels and restaurant’s we are not open all the time.
  • Coming to the jetty or location for a on spot booking is not possible
  • Office hours for enquiry and booking is 10am to 7pm (Please no Midnight calls, as we get some)
  • In case we are not available on a call, do drop a WhatsApp message and we shall get back asap. PLEASE NOTE: We are open only when a trip is booked in advance.

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