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How to cancel TTDC online booking

Last Updated on March 15, 2022

Rules and Conditions of Tamilnadu Tourism

Check here the Rules and Conditions for cancelling the TTDC tour.

TTDC Tours Cancellation Rules

➥ No Cancellation within 24 Hours before the commencement of the “Tour”.
➥ Cancellation will be made only in person by written requistion at Tourism Complex, Chennai – 2.
➥ No refund will be allowed if the tourist misses the Coatch or cancels the journey after the departure of the coach.
➥ Cancellation charges will be levied as below. Between 24 to 48 Hours = 50%, Before 48 Hours 25%.
➥ Only one postponement or Preponement is permitted before 24 Hours subject to availability of seats and operation of tour.
➥ If one postponement or preponement is availed, no further postponement or cancellation will be permitted.
➥ If the booking is made through the agents – cancellation also should be done through them only.

TTDC Tours Conditions

➥ The Tour will be operated subject to operational conditions. The ticket is not transferable.
➥ There will be no refund for any unforseen calamities, which may occur during the tour.
➥ TTDC will not be responsible for any damage or loss to the properties of tourists.
➥ If a person travels as a single person, he or she will be accommodated in a single room during night halts on the purchase of single room accommodation tickets.
➥ Three adults in a family will be accommodated in a one double room by providing only one extra mattress even though the third person is in possession of a double room tickets.
➥ Allotment of vehicle with 10s or 8s or 35s seater will be made based on the number of tourist booking the “Tour”. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Managing Director will be final and binding.
➥ Only court in Chennai will be the jurisdiction for all disputes.
➥ The tour will be operated subject to minimum of 10 tourist.
➥ The Programme or Tariff are subject to change.
➥ 20% concession to Senior Citizens, Physically Challenged and War Widows.