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How many tickets are booked in IRCTC in a day, month and year?

Last Updated on February 24, 2023

Now You Can Book 24 Tickets in a Month by Linking Aadhaar

Currently, people are permitted to book a maximum of 24 reservations in a single month, as long as they authenticate their ID with their Aadhaar number, and at least one other passenger is also verified with their Aadhaar.

No Aadhaar Verification is necessary for orders of up to 12 tickets in a month, the same as before. To take advantage of the ability to book more than 12 tickets and up to 24 tickets in a month, a IRCTC Registered User must first verify their identity using the Aadhaar KYC option in My Profile.

An OTP will be sent to the user’s mobile number connected to their Aadhaar number in order to verify the Aadhaar. If the OTP is successfully submitted, the user will be recognized as Aadhaar verified.

For any tickets being booked more than 12 times in a month, at least one passenger must be verified through their Aadhaar number.

It is necessary for users to confirm the potential passengers via their Aadhaar number and save the approved passengers in their passenger master list before commencing the ticket booking procedure for more than 12 tickets in a month.

It is also possible for the user to add the Aadhaar verified passenger from their master list at the time of booking for up to 24 tickets in a month.

Aadhaar Verification Process And Booking More Than 12 Tickets In A Month

1. The steps to confirm your IRCTC User ID with Aadhaar.
2. How to verify a passenger with Aadhaar.
3. The procedure to book more than 12 tickets in a month.

How to verify your IRCTC User ID with Aadhaar: To authenticate your IRCTC User ID with Aadhaar, you must start by accessing www.irctc.co.in in your web browser. After inputting your sign-in information, move to the MY ACCOUNT tab and choose Link Your Aadhaar.

This brings up a page where you must enter your name as it appears on your Aadhaar card and enter your Aadhaar Number or Virtual ID. Make sure to tick the box and click Send OTP. Next, type in the OTP you receive on your Aadhaar registered phone number and hit the Verify OTP button.

This fetches a KYC response from Aadhaar, so click Update button to finish the authentication. A confirmation message will then appear in a pop-up window and after closing it, log back in to www.irctc.co.in.

To check your Aadhaar KYC status, go to the Link Your Aadhaar option on the top navigation of the IRCTC eTicketing website.

How to verify passengers with Aadhaar

To get started, open the IRCTC website in your web browser. After logging in, navigate to the ‘My Profile’ tab in the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section. From there, select the ‘Add/Modify Master List’ link.

On the Add/Modify Master List page, enter the passenger’s name, date of birth, gender, berth preference, food preference, senior citizen concession (if applicable), ID card type and ID card number (Aadhaar number).

Once complete, click the ‘Submit’ button to proceed. The passenger will then be added to the Saved Passenger List. To verify the Aadhaar details for the passenger, click on the ‘Click here to check pending Aadhaar Verification Status’ link.

If the information is correct, the Verification Status will be changed to ‘Verified’ and a success alert will be displayed.

How to book more than 12 tickets in a month

To book over 12 tickets in a month, the IRCTC User ID must be Aadhaar verified and one of the passengers must be Aadhaar verified as well.

At the time of booking, the verified passenger must be chosen from the Saved Passenger List. After logging in, enter the journey details and go to the train/class selection page.

At the passenger input page, click on the Passenger Name and pick the verified person from the list. The rest of the passenger details should be entered manually with the keyboard. Continue with the booking and check that the Aadhaar number is visible under Travelling Passenger.

Select the payment gateway of your choice and continue to payment page. On successful payment, booking confirmation page will displayed.

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